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I established Eclectic Epicurean 1997 to fulfill a specific need.  Having previously been in charge of party and convention planning at two large corporations, I had used several caterers for various events, but had been disappointed because even though many had excellent food and services, I wanted to develop my own menus, themes, and serving procedures for the specific events my company planned.  I wanted a company that catered to MY needs, rather than to force me to conform to someone else's set parameters!

Another problem with the catering companies I had used in the past was that many of their food items were prepared in bulk, or were purchased ready made or frozen from other sources.  I wanted food that tasted and looked like it was prepared just for my event--Custom Made--in a small kitchen just for me and to my specifications.  I wanted real butter and cream, breads and rolls baked the day of my event, and beautiful displays.  I wanted a company that kept up with food trends and had exciting and innovative foods for me to choose from!  It seemed that what I wanted was just too much to ask; I could find no company in my area that would do it my way. 

So I started my own company,  Eclectic (Pronunciation: "e-'klek-tik" meaning composed of elements gathered from various sources) Epicurean (Pronunciation: "e-pi-kyu-'rE-&n" meaning one with sensitive and discriminating tastes especially in food or wine). 

Having been a "foodie" all my life, I had attended many cooking classes, had a library of over 2000 cookbooks, had prepared custom cakes and desserts in a small side business, worked in several restaurants, and had learned much about cooking and serving from the most discriminating cook and gracious hostess (my mother).   I researched the business, practiced on my friends and relatives, wrote a clear-cut business plan, and started cooking.  Over 10 years later, Eclectic Epicurean offers the following:

I hope to work with you soon to make one of your events memorable and delicious!

Karen Hancock