How to Peel a Kiwi, a Simple but Amazing Culinary Feat!


Although kiwifruit have been around for hundreds of years, they werenít readily available in the US until about 20 or so years ago.†† Kiwifruit are really quite unattractive, and have brown furry skin that I consider inedible (actually it is edible, but is just like eating a furry piece of cardboard!).Once you get that furry brown skin off of the fruit, however, you will find beautiful green flesh inside with edible black seeds.The fruit has become very popular due to its delicious flavor that is said to be a cross between a banana, strawberry, and pineapple.


I was under the impression that kiwifruit were indigenous to New Zealand, probably because of the name (the fruit was named after the New Zealand national bird, the Kiwi), but have learned that it actually originated in China and was brought to New Zealand by missionaries near the turn of the 20th century.†† Kiwifruit are also called Chinese Gooseberries.

According to (a great site to learn more than you really want to know about kiwifruits), kiwifruits contain almost as much potassium as bananas and 1.5 times the daily recommended amount of Vitamin C.They are also rich in Vitamins A and E.If you are so inclined to crush the black seeds, you will produce kiwifruit oil, which is rich in Alfa-Linoleic Acid, an important Omega-3 essential fatty acid.† It might be easier and faster to purchase the oil which is available at health food stores.

I have seen kiwifruit often on restaurant salad bars, either cut in half or sliced, always with the brown furry skin left on.I think this is pure laziness!The California Kiwifruit Commission ( recommends that you eat the skin; Yuck!Iím thinking that they want us to eat it because they donít know how to peel it easily.†† My sister, Teri taught me the following very easy way to peel kiwifruit.

Hereís the secret:

Make sure you choose kiwifruit that are ripe Ė slightly soft when gently squeezed.Cut the ends of the kiwifruit off.Take a teaspoon from your silverware drawer and insert it up under the brown skin.Holding the kiwifruit with one hand, move the spoon around the fruit (under the skin); the skin will come off and the peeled fruit will slip out.Now you can slice it.This will take only about 10 seconds to do!


Insert a teaspoon between the brown skin and green flesh of the kiwifruit.

Move the spoon around the fruit; the skin will slip off and the green fruit will slip out.

Now the fruit can be easily sliced, halved, or quartered.