It can be difficult to pat dough out evenly on a cookie sheet or dripper pan.  When I try to do it with my hands it often sticks, and it gets under my fingernails (Yuk!).  I've even tried wetting my hands or flouring them, but I've found an easier way.  Here is an easy way to spread the dough evenly when you are making bar cookies, layered cookies, or even crusts for pies in larger pans.

Go to your favorite hardware store and purchase a 9" piece of closet rod that is 1 3/4" - 2" in diameter.  Take it home and sand the edges.  I use my closet rod for rolling tortillas, but it is especially handy for use when I need to roll dough in a cookie sheet or dripper pan.

I have seen a tool in department and cooking stores that is supposed to do the same thing, but for some reason, probably the narrow width, mine doesn't work as well as my 9" closet rod.


1.    Crumble the dough fairly evenly on the cookie sheet.


2.    Rub a little flour on the closet rod and use it to roll the dough evenly on the sheet.


3.    The crust will be perfectly even.