Crock Pot Mexican Refried Beans


Beans cook beautifully in the Crock Pot Ė no soaking overnight or boiling for 10 minutes and letting sit for an hour.I found that cooking on high gives the best results; I sometimes start them at night, then add my seasonings in the morning.They also reheat well in the Crock Pot; just add a little water if they seem thick.Donít add salt or any seasoning with salt before the beans are tender or youíll end up with hard spots in the beans.



2††††† cups pinto beans

6††††† cups water


1/4†† cup bacon drippings, or shortening

2††††† teaspoons salt




†††† Sort the beans and discard any broken or ugly beans.Rinse the beans in a strainer and place in a 3 quart Crock Pot.Cook 6-8 hours on high.Check occasionally and add more water if necessary.When the beans are tender, add the bacon drippings and salt; mash a little with a large fork. Add more water if necessary, leave the pot on high, and set the lid so that a little of the heat escapes (this thickens the beans up).When the beans are thick, stir and serve.